Debugging your bot

Diagnosing Errors

When your bot encounters an exception or error during a game, reproducing that error is essential to diagnosing and fixing it. The built in script rc-playback takes a game history, a bot, and the color the bot played as, and plays back the actions the bot took during the game. This allows you to exactly replicate the error producing conditions. Built in scripts like rc-play and rc-bot-match will produce game history files when an error occurs.

rc-playback --help
rc-playback <game history path> <bot> <color>
rc-playback bad_game.json src/ white

Use the --help flag for more information about the arguments.

Debugging with PyCharm

You can create a run configuration to run your bot from PyCharm by targeting one of the scripts provided for running bots, like reconchess.scripts.rc-bot-match or reconchess.scripts.rc-play, as a module:


You can then choose to run the configuration you made in debug mode, and PyCharm will hit any breakpoints you set. It can do this because rc-bot-match and rc-play load your bot code into the same python process (see reconchess.load_player()).

Debugging with output

You can use ordinary print statements in your bot, and they will appear on the command line if you use reconchess.scripts.rc-bot-match or reconchess.scripts.rc-play. If you want to your output to go to a file, use a logging library (e.g. the built in logging module).