Installation and Quick Start


Install the python package

$ pip install reconchess

Quick Start

You can run a test game between two of the baseline bots:

$ rc-bot-match reconchess.bots.random_bot reconchess.bots.random_bot

Then replay the game:

$ rc-replay <game-output-json-file>

Or, play against a bot yourself:

$ rc-play reconchess.bots.random_bot

Now you are ready to make your own bot algorithm to play Reconnaissance Chess.

Server Quick Start

Register your account by visiting

Then you can play games on the server with rc-connect and providing your bot username and password when prompted:

$ rc-connect src/
Username: MyAwesomeUsername
Password: ...
[<time>] Connected successfully to server!

Playing ranked matches on the server is as easy as specifying the --ranked flag:

$ rc-connect --ranked src/
Username: MyAwesomeUsername
Password: ...
Are you sure you want to participate in ranked matches as v1 (currently v0)? [y/n]y
[<time stamp>] Connected successfully to server!